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import logging
import json
import os
from biothings.utils.common import is_seq
from biothings.utils.web.userquery import get_userquery, get_userfilter
    from re import fullmatch as match
except ImportError:
    from re import match

[docs]class ESQueries(object): ''' A very simple class to object-ize Elasticsearch Query DSL. This should be replaced by the official `Elasticsearch equivalent <>`_. Also contains a simple JSON validator after generating all queries (dump to string and re-read) ''' def __init__(self, es_kwargs={}): self.es_kwargs = es_kwargs def _validate_json(self, d): ''' dumps the dict to string and reads back in as json - should validate the json structure? ''' try: return json.loads(json.dumps(d)) except: raise ValueError('Could not validate query "{}"'.format(d)) def _es_query_template(self, query_type=None, query_kwargs=None, raw_query={}): _ret = raw_query if raw_query else {"query":{query_type: query_kwargs}} _ret.update(self.es_kwargs) return self._validate_json(_ret)
[docs] def multi_match(self, query_kwargs): ''' Given ``query_kwargs``, validate and return a **multi_match** query. ''' return self._es_query_template(query_type="multi_match", query_kwargs=query_kwargs)
[docs] def match(self, query_kwargs): ''' Given ``query_kwargs``, validate and return a **match** query. ''' return self._es_query_template(query_type="match", query_kwargs=query_kwargs)
[docs] def match_all(self, query_kwargs): ''' Given ``query_kwargs``, validate and return a **match_all** query. ''' return self._es_query_template(query_type="match_all", query_kwargs=query_kwargs)
[docs] def function_score(self, query_kwargs): ''' Given ``query_kwargs``, validate and return a **function score** query. ''' return self._es_query_template(query_type="function_score", query_kwargs=query_kwargs)
[docs] def query_string(self, query_kwargs): ''' Given ``query_kwargs``, validate and return a **query_string** query. ''' return self._es_query_template(query_type="query_string", query_kwargs=query_kwargs)
[docs] def bool(self, query_kwargs): ''' Given ``query_kwargs``, validate and return a **bool** query. ''' return self._es_query_template(query_type="bool", query_kwargs=query_kwargs)
[docs] def raw_query(self, raw_query): ''' Given ``query_kwargs``, validate and return a *raw* query (queries that don't fit the same query_template). ''' return self._es_query_template(raw_query=raw_query)
[docs]class ESQueryBuilder(object): ''' Class to return the correct query given the request endpoint, method, and URL params. :param index: The Elasticsearch index to run the query on :param doc_type: The Elasticsearch document type of the query :param options: Options from the URL string relevant to query building :param es_options: Options for Elasticsearch query stage :param scroll_options: Options for scroll requests :param regex_list: A list of (regex, scope) tuples for annotation lookup :param userquery_dir: The directory containing user queries for this app :param default_scopes: A list representing the default Elasticsearch query scope(s) for this query''' def __init__(self, index, doc_type, options, es_options, scroll_options={}, userquery_dir='', regex_list=[], default_scopes=['_id']): self.index = index self.doc_type = doc_type self.options = options self.es_options = es_options self.scroll_options = scroll_options self.regex_list = regex_list self.userquery_dir = userquery_dir self.default_scopes = default_scopes self.queries = ESQueries(es_options) def _return_query_kwargs(self, query_kwargs): _kwargs = {"index": self.index, "doc_type": self.doc_type} _kwargs.update(query_kwargs) return _kwargs def _get_term_scope(self, term): _scopes = None _term = term for (regex, scope) in self.regex_list: r = match(regex, term) if r: if r.groupdict() and 'search_term' in r.groupdict() and r.groupdict()['search_term']: _scopes = scope _term = r.groupdict()['search_term'] break else: _scopes = scope break return _term, _scopes def _build_single_query(self, term, scopes=None): scopes = scopes or self.default_scopes if len(scopes) == 1: return self.queries.match({scopes[0]:{"query": "{}".format(term), "operator": "and"}}) else: return self.queries.multi_match({"query":"{}".format(term), "fields":scopes, "operator":"and"}) def _build_multiple_query(self, terms, scopes=None): _q = [] _infer_scope = True if not scopes else False for term in terms: _term = term if _infer_scope: _term, scopes = self._get_term_scope(term) _q.extend(['{}', json.dumps(self._build_single_query(_term, scopes=scopes))]) return self._return_query_kwargs({'body': '\n'.join(_q)}) def _default_query(self, q): ''' Override me ''' return ESQueries().query_string({"query": q}) def _is_match_all(self, q): return (q == '__all__') def _is_random_query(self, q): return (q == '__any__') def _extra_query_types(self, q): ''' Override me ''' return {} def _match_all(self, q): ''' Override me ''' return ESQueries().match_all({}) def _random_query(self, q): return ESQueries().function_score({"random_score": {}}) def _is_user_query(self, text_file='query.txt'): try: query_dir = os.path.join(os.path.abspath(self.userquery_dir), self.options.userquery) return (os.path.exists(query_dir) and (os.path.isdir(query_dir)) and (os.path.exists(os.path.join(query_dir, text_file)))) except Exception: return False def _user_query(self, q): _args = {'q': q} if self.options.userquery_kwargs: _args.update(self.options.userquery_kwargs) _ret = json.loads(get_userquery(os.path.abspath(self.userquery_dir), self.options.userquery).format(**_args)) return ESQueries().raw_query(_ret) def _user_query_filter(self): return json.loads(get_userfilter(os.path.abspath(self.userquery_dir), self.options.userquery)) def _get_query_filters(self): _filter = [] if self._is_user_query(text_file='filter.txt'): _filter.append(self._user_query_filter()) return _filter def _get_missing_filters(self): return []
[docs] def get_query_filters(self): ''' Override me to add more query filters ''' return self._get_query_filters()
[docs] def get_missing_filters(self): ''' Override me to add more must_not filters ''' return self._get_missing_filters()
[docs] def add_extra_filters(self, q): ''' Override me to add more filters ''' return q
[docs] def add_query_filters(self, _query): ''' Given a query, add any other filters ''' filters = self.get_query_filters() missing = self.get_missing_filters() if not filters and not missing: return _query #add filters as filtered query #this will apply to facet counts _query = { 'bool': { 'must': _query.get('query', _query) } } if filters: _query['bool']['filter'] = filters if missing: _query['bool']['must_not'] = missing return _query
def _scroll(self, scroll_id): return {'body': {'scroll_id': scroll_id}, 'scroll': self.scroll_options.get('scroll', '1m')} def _annotation_GET_query(self, bid): _bid, _scopes = self._get_term_scope(bid) if _scopes: return self._return_query_kwargs({'body': self._build_single_query(_bid, scopes=_scopes)}) else: # go to es.get _get_kwargs = {'id': bid} _get_kwargs.update(self.es_options) return self._return_query_kwargs(_get_kwargs) def _annotation_POST_query(self, bids): return self._build_multiple_query(terms=bids) def _query_GET_query(self, q): if self._is_user_query(): _query = self._user_query(q) elif self._is_match_all(q): _query = self._match_all(q) elif self._is_random_query(q): _query = self._random_query(q) else: _query = self._extra_query_types(q) if not _query: _query = self._default_query(q) _query = self.add_query_filters(_query) _query = self.add_extra_filters(_query) _query = self.queries.raw_query(_query) _ret = self._return_query_kwargs({'body': _query}) if self.options.fetch_all: _ret['body'].pop('sort', None) # don't allow sorting for fetch all, defeats the purpose _ret['body'].pop('size', None) _ret.update(self.scroll_options) return _ret def _query_POST_query(self, qs, scopes): return self._build_multiple_query(terms=qs, scopes=scopes) def _metadata_query(self): return self._return_query_kwargs({})
[docs] def annotation_GET_query(self, bid): ''' Return an annotation lookup GET query for this ``bid``. :param bid: Biothing ID, used to lookup the annotation''' return self._annotation_GET_query(bid)
[docs] def annotation_POST_query(self, bids): ''' Return an annotation lookup POST query for these ``bids``. :param bids: Biothing IDs, used to lookup the annotations''' return self._annotation_POST_query(bids)
[docs] def query_GET_query(self, q): ''' Return a query endpoint GET query for this query string ``q``. :param q: query string specifying the query''' return self._query_GET_query(q)
[docs] def query_POST_query(self, qs, scopes): ''' Return query endpoint POST queries for these query strings ``qs``. :param qs: Query strings to query :param scopes: Scope of query strings ``qs``''' return self._query_POST_query(qs, scopes)
[docs] def metadata_query(self): ''' Return a metadata query ''' return self._metadata_query()
[docs] def scroll(self, scroll_id): ''' Return the next batch of results from a *scroll* query. :param scroll_id: ID of the batch to yield hits from ''' return self._scroll(scroll_id)