Source code for biothings.hub.api.manager

import types
from datetime import datetime
import socket

from biothings.utils.hub_db import get_api
from biothings.utils.loggers import get_logger
from biothings.utils.manager import BaseManager
import biothings.web

from biothings import config as btconfig

[docs]class APIManagerException(Exception): pass
class APIManager(BaseManager): def __init__(self, log_folder=None, *args, **kwargs): self.api = get_api() self.register = {} self.timestamp = self.log_folder = log_folder or btconfig.LOG_FOLDER self.setup() self.restore_running_apis() def setup(self): self.setup_log() def setup_log(self): self.logger, _ = get_logger('apimanager') def restore_running_apis(self): """ If some APIs were running but the hub stopped, re-start APIs as hub restarts """ apis = self.get_apis() # these were running but had to stop when hub stopped running_apis = [api for api in apis if api.get("status") == "running"] for api in running_apis:"Restart API '%s'" % api["_id"]) self.start_api(api["_id"]) def register_status(self, api_id, status, **extra): apidoc = self.api.find_one({"_id": api_id}) apidoc.update(extra) # clean according to status if status == "running": apidoc.pop("err", None) else: apidoc.pop("url", None) apidoc["status"] = status def get_apis(self): return [d for d in self.api.find()] def start_api(self, api_id): apidoc = self.api.find_one({"_id": api_id}) if not apidoc: raise ApiManagerException("No such API with ID '%s'" % api_id) if "entry_point" in apidoc: raise NotImplementedError("Custom entry point not implemented yet, " + "only basic generated APIs are currently supported") config_mod = types.ModuleType("config_mod") config_str = """ from biothings.web.handlers import BiothingHandler from biothings.web.handlers import MetadataSourceHandler from biothings.web.handlers import MetadataFieldHandler from biothings.web.handlers import QueryHandler ES_HOST = "%(es_host)s" ES_INDEX = "%(index)s" ES_DOC_TYPE = "%(doc_type)s" # doc_type involved there: APP_LIST = [ (r"/metadata/?", MetadataSourceHandler), (r"/metadata/fields/?", MetadataFieldHandler), (r"/%(doc_type)s/(.+)/?", BiothingHandler), (r"/%(doc_type)s/?$", BiothingHandler), (r"/query/?", QueryHandler), ] """ % apidoc["config"] code = compile(config_str, "<string>", "exec") # propagate config on module eval(code, {}, config_mod.__dict__) app = biothings.web.BiothingsAPIApp(config_module=config_mod) port = int(apidoc["config"]["port"]) try: server = app.get_server() server.listen(port) self.register[api_id] = server"Running API '%s' on port %s" % (api_id, port)) url = "http://%s:%s" % (socket.gethostname(), port) self.register_status(api_id, "running", url=url) except Exception as e: self.logger.exception("Failed to start API '%s'" % api_id) self.register_status(api_id, "failed", err=str(e)) raise def stop_api(self, api_id): try: assert api_id in self.register, "API '%s' is not running" % api_id server = self.register.pop(api_id) server.stop() if server._stopped: self.register_status(api_id, "stopped") except Exception as e: self.logger.exception("Failed to stop API '%s'" % api_id) self.register_status(api_id, "failed", err=str(e)) raise def delete_api(self, api_id): try: self.stop_api(api_id) except Exception as e: self.logger.warning("While trying to stop API '%s': %s" % (api_id, e)) finally: self.api.remove({"_id": api_id}) def create_api(self, api_id, es_host, index, doc_type, port, description=None, **kwargs): apidoc = { "_id": api_id, "config": { "port": port, "es_host": es_host, "index": index, "doc_type": doc_type, }, "description": description, } apidoc.update(kwargs) return apidoc