Source code for biothings.utils.exclude_ids

from .dotstring import list_length
from .dotstring import remove_key

[docs]class ExcludeFieldsById(object): """ This class provides a framework to exclude fields for certain identifiers. Up to three arguments are passed to this class, an identifier list, a list of fields to remove, and minimum list size. The identifier list is a list of document identifiers to act on. The list of fields are fields that will be removed; they are specified using a dotstring notation. The minimum list size is the minimum number of elements that should be in a list in order for it to be removed. The 'drugbank', 'chebi', and 'ndc' data sources were manually tested with this class. """ def __init__(self, exclusion_ids, field_lst, min_list_size=1000): """ Fields to truncate are specified by field_lst. The dot-notation is accepted. """ self.exclusion_ids = exclusion_ids self.field_lst = field_lst self.min_list_size = min_list_size def __call__(self, f): """ Truncate specified fields on documents on call. :param f: function to apply to, this function should return documents :return: """ def wrapped_f(*args): input_docs = f(*args) for doc in input_docs: if doc['_id'] in self.exclusion_ids: for field in self.field_lst: # min_list_size check if list_length(doc, field) > self.min_list_size: remove_key(doc, field) yield doc return wrapped_f