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from collections import defaultdict

from import SlackChannel, GAChannel
from tornado.httpclient import AsyncHTTPClient
from tornado.web import RequestHandler

[docs]class Notifier: def __init__(self, settings): self.channels = [] if hasattr(settings, 'SLACK_WEBHOOKS'): self.channels.append(SlackChannel( getattr(settings, 'SLACK_WEBHOOKS') )) if getattr(settings, 'GA_ACCOUNT', None): self.channels.append(GAChannel( getattr(settings, 'GA_ACCOUNT'), getattr(settings, 'GA_UID_GENERATOR_VERSION', 1) ))
[docs] def broadcast(self, event): for channel in self.channels: if channel.handles(event): yield from channel.send(event)
# Web Framework Support # ---------------------------- # Tornado # # #tornado.httputil.HTTPServerRequest.remote_ip
[docs]class AnalyticsMixin(RequestHandler):
[docs] def on_finish(self): super().on_finish() if self.get_argument('no_tracking', False): return # this feature is undocumented if self.settings.get('debug', False): return # for testing and development # Make sure to start the server with xheaders=True so that # remote_ip considers X-Real-Ip and X-Forwarded-For headers request = defaultdict(type(None)) request["user_ip"] = self.request.remote_ip request["user_agent"] = self.request.headers.get("User-Agent") request["host"] = request["path"] = self.request.path request["referer"] = self.request.headers.get("Referer") self.event["__request__"] = request if hasattr(self, 'biothings'): client = AsyncHTTPClient() notifier = self.biothings.notifier for request in notifier.broadcast(self.event): client.fetch(request) else: # need to initialize a notifier raise NotImplementedError()
# FastAPI # ...