Source code for biothings.web.settings.validators

[docs]class WebAPIValidator():
[docs] def validate(self, config): # Compatibility if getattr(config, "API_PREFIX", None) is not None: config.APP_PREFIX = getattr(config, "API_PREFIX") if getattr(config, "API_VERSION", None) is not None: config.APP_VERSION = getattr(config, "API_VERSION") assert config.APP_VERSION or config.APP_PREFIX, ( "Require at least one of the follwing settings:" "(APP_VERSION, APP_PREFIX) to create a layer of" "separation for the default biothings routes." )
[docs]class DBParamValidator():
[docs] def validate(self, config): assert isinstance(config.ES_INDICES, dict) # compatibility settings if getattr(config, "ES_INDEX", None) and \ getattr(config, "ES_DOC_TYPE", None): from biothings.web.settings import default if config.ES_INDICES is default.ES_INDICES: config.ES_INDICES = {} else: # combine with the user provided value config.ES_INDICES = dict(config.ES_INDICES) config.ES_INDICES[config.ES_DOC_TYPE] = config.ES_INDEX ERROR = "UNSUPPORTED SETTINGS." # encountering the following attributes indicate # the application is built for a previous version. # to ensure delivering intended behaviors, # upgrade the config module of the application. assert not hasattr(config, 'ES_SNIFF'), ERROR assert not hasattr(config, 'ES_CLIENT_TIMEOUT'), ERROR
[docs]class SubmoduleValidator(): def __init__(self): self._prefixes = set()
[docs] def validate(self, config): assert config.APP_PREFIX, "APP_PREFIX must be defined for a submodule." assert config.APP_PREFIX not in self._prefixes, "APP_PREFIX conflicts." self._prefixes.add(config.APP_PREFIX)
[docs]class MongoParamValidaor():
[docs] def validate(self, config): pass