biothings.web.connections.get_es_client(hosts=None, async_=False, **settings)[source]

Enhanced ES client initialization.

Additionally support these parameters:

async_: use AsyncElasticserach instead of Elasticsearch. aws: setup request signing and provide reasonable ES settings

to access AWS OpenSearch, by default assuming it is on HTTPS.

sniff: provide resonable default settings to enable client-side

LB to an ES cluster. this param itself is not an ES param.

biothings.web.connections.get_mongo_client(uri, **settings)[source]
biothings.web.connections.get_sql_client(uri, **settings)[source]

Additionally, you can reuse connecions initialized with the same parameters by getting it from the connection pools every time. Here’s the connection pool interface signature:

class biothings.web.connections._ClientPool(client_factory, async_factory, callback=None)[source]

Bases: object

get_async_client(uri, **settings)[source]
get_client(uri, **settings)[source]
static hash(config)[source]

The module has already initialized connection pools for each supported databases. Directly access these pools without creating by yourselves. = <biothings.web.connections._ClientPool object>
biothings.web.connections.sql = <biothings.web.connections._ClientPool object>
biothings.web.connections.mongo = <biothings.web.connections._ClientPool object>